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Intergrating Cardiopulmonary and Postural Control Strategies in pediatric and adult populations –Introduction and theory part.

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If you can´t breathe, you can´t function
”Postural Control and Breathing”. Du vil få en grundig indførsel i Mary´s ”Soda Pop Can” model - Multisystem analysen. 1. dag er primært introduktion og teori omkring emnet.

At the conclusion of Day 1, participants should be able to:

  • State how the mechanics of breathing and postural control are inter-active and inter-dependent components of normal movement strategies.
  • Describe the multiple, simultaneous roles of the diaphragm as related to breathing, postural control, gastroesophageal reflux, constipation and venous return.
  • Contrast normal musculoskeletal development of the chest in infants and the concurrent motor skill acquisition to that observed in patients with impaired trunk function resulting from multiple different diagnostic categories.
  • Position patients for optimal cardiopulmonary function (physiological and biomechanical) with simple equipment such as towel rolls and pillows in recumbent and upright positions for use in and out of hospital settings.
  • Optimize patient function by integrating appropriate ventilatory strategies with all movements from low level activities to athletic endeavors.
  • Apply theoretical concepts to multiple clinical cases.

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